One Room Challenge Week 1 ⎜Guest Bathroom Makeover

I am so excited to be a guest participant in the One Room Challenge this Fall! Over the next 6 weeks I will, with the help of my husband whom has grown to love my DIY projects (or so I like to tell myself he has), will be taking you along on the transformation of our guest bathroom. You may know me from Instagram where I’ve been sharing the transformation of our home with our  many DIY projects. I hope you’ll also follow along on this fun and exciting project. Each week, on Thursdays, I will share our progress and products used to make this transformation a reality.

Six weeks may not seem like a ton of time to completely transform a room, especially a bathroom, but I promise you it is doable. Anything is, with the right amount of determination. And let me tell you, the current state of our bathroom is enough determination for me to work my tail off at getting this room finished!

Here they are, the dreaded before photos! No one likes sharing a room thats not up to thier design standards, but I want you to fully experience the impact of a good DIY project.

Do you love our orange-ish vanity? I know you do! But honestly this vanity is one of my least favorite features of our builder grade space. I toyed with the idea of keeping and refinishing it but quickly tossed that plan away. We weighed the pros and cons of doing a quick fix on this space or remodeling it to something we will love for years to come. The remodel won and I am so excited to get the process started.

Toothpaste splatters and a streak filled mirror! Normally I would be embarrassed by this, however I want you to see how impactful a room transformation can be. I truly believe that you must love a space to be able to fully care for it. That is where the far from perfectly clean room comes in. I have not had the motivation to keep up with this space due to the simple fact that there are so many things I dislike about it. So the best solution is to DIY our way through creating something we love. I can’t be alone on this?! Having two kids that refuse to clean up after themselves may have also played a teeny tiny role in the mirror mess ; ) Have suggestions on that issue, please email me!

I’m only showing you a glimpse into the shower. Where I can joke about the mirror there is no excuse on the subject matter of this shower. Well thats not completely true. I can blame it slightly on the kids and their need to use bath bombs and splash bubbles everywhere. All joking aside and going back to my earlier statement of needing to love a space to care for it, its the same case with this shower. Second to the vanity the shower is my least favorite. While I understand the ease and cost effectiveness of drop in showers, they lack the character I crave so much. I would absolutely love to replace this shower with gorgeous tile. In an attempt to complete this in a timely manner, the shower will be staying. Of course I’ll be making it look a bit more pleasing.

And there she is, our builder grade bathroom just waiting to be made beautiful. I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the progress we share each week. This week will be dedicated to finalizing details and prepping our space. Be sure to also follow along on Instagram @farmhousechic4sure for more photos and behind the scenes. And don’t forget to check out all of the 20 extremely talented Featured Designers and the many other Guest Participants of the ORC.


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