One Room Challenge Week 2 ⎜All The Decisions

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge! With week one  behind us, and not much progress made, I’m excited to be entering week 2 of the ORC. Last weeks post included many unsightly before photos. Would you be surprised if I told you our guest bathroom still looks the same?! Unfortunately many projects go this way. If you’re familiar with DIY projects, or even those contracted out, then you know to allot extra time for set backs. This is just how the process goes, and I am completely ok with that. It just means I’ll have to work my behind off in the coming weeks to get this baby looking pretty.

Some exciting news that happened during week one was that we found a vintage entertainment center that I’ll be transforming into a double sink vanity! Yay!! Aside from choosing flooring, I think this was the most important piece of the project. Initially I had my heart set on finding a vintage french provincial dresser or buffet to use as the vanity. My late grandmother loved this style and the bedroom furniture I grew up with was french provincial. Its so classic and is a reminder of wonderful memories so I was slightly disappointed when I wasn’t able to find a piece within budget that would work. But… and there is always a but. Hubby came to the rescue. (He’ll appreciate that shout out)

Not exactly french provincial right? I think its more medieval style but its going to work, I’m sure of it. Many eBay, etsy, and Facebook marketplace searches amounted to no luck or overpriced items. So, on a whim we went to a local consignment shop that’s normally extremely overpriced. I am so glad we went because my husband spotted this in the clearance section. Initially I had over looked it until he suggested it was the exact length we needed. We snatched it up for 300 bucks. To me thats a steal compared to every thing else I was seeing. I’m determined to make it work!

Deciding on flooring was also on the agenda for week one and remains on the agenda for week 2. We did view some really great options and, I believe have narrowed it down to a few. Now its just a matter of the lovely husband and I agreeing. I want something more classic and he loves modern. Hopefully we can find something thats a bit of both. I’ll share some inspo with you.

photo credit:

This black and white hexagon mosaic won in the

affordability department. At just under $5 per square

foot its a great value. And the black and white is the

perfect example of classic. But, I don’t think I’ll be able

to sell my husband on this somewhat busy pattern.


photo credit:

As soon as I came across this long octagon mosaic tile

I fell in love. Its not a pattern you see often, which is

why I was drawn to it. My husband even approved!  I

was sure this would have been the final decision. However,

I think it may be too traditional for our otherwise modern

farmhouse style.


photo credit:

I think we found a keeper. Both my husband and I love

the classic look of this black and white basket weave tile.

And the clean lines will tie in with our modern farmhouse

home. This may be the perfect combination of classic and

modern. Don’t hold me to that decision though. I’m a last

minute kind of girl and change my mind constantly during





So although not much progress was made in the actual renovation, some important decisions were made. I think! I’m not kidding about the last minute thing. It drives my husband crazy but I think it keeps things interesting. There’s much on the agenda for week 2:

  1. Ripe out the old flooring (this is hubby’s job, he loves demo)
  2. Remove the old vanity and sinks
  3. Install new flooring (I enjoy the tedious work of laying tile)
  4. Prime the walls if time permits

See you next week for Week 3 of the ORC. As always be sure to also follow along on Instagram @farmhousechic4sure for more photos and behind the scenes. And don’t forget to check out all of the Featured Designers and many other Guest Participants of the ORC.


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