One Room Challenge Week 3 ⎜ All About The Flooring

Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge, its all about the flooring! And the pumpkins. No, I’m kidding, the pumpkins are just my adorable Fall decor. But, really, I am so happy you are here and we have made it to week 3. Follow the links if you’d like to see what I was up to in weeks One and Two.

While this week did consist mainly of choosing and installing the floor (and boy is my back happy its finished) we also tackled the ever so important task of demo! Since this is nearly a complete remodel everything had to go. Well the tub/shower unit is staying for now, we are still undecided on whether its being replaced or not. With time limited, this may be something we revisit at a later date.

Our demo on this room included dismantling and removing the builder grade vanity, removing the toilet to allow for work on the floor, and ripping out the original tile-this was fun to watch. My husband had some fun removing the old, monstrosity of a vanity. This think was nearly 8 feet long and stretched from wall to wall. I think I was most excited about getting rid of the blue countertops. They gave this bathroom an underwater vibe. My kids loved it but not so much this mamma. We even had a guest appearance from my dad, the semi-retired contractor! He’s not in his element unless he’s working on something. Thanks dad, for helping jackhammer the tile out.

even my little miss sassy pants wanted to help on this project

this really was fun to watch. what a powerful tool!

Once everything was out, I could finally see my design ideas in this space. Its so refreshing to start with a blank slate. I don’t normally work with a plan. Usually, I have few ideas and plan the rest as I go. Some people may not work well this way, but I’m constantly changing my mind so this usually works out well. Demo didn’t take much time, maybe a couple of hours and then it was on to installing the new floor.

We started by laying 1/4 inch baker board to create a level surface for the tile. Once we had a nice, level surfaces I started laying the tile. We ended up deciding on a mosaic tile we found at Lowes. The basket weave marble tile we chose was very similar to one of the samples I picked up from a local tile shop but at half the cost! Sold!! Mosaics come on a mesh backing which makes installation a bit easier but it was still tedious work. Having only 2-3 hours a day to work on the floor, it took about a week to complete start to finish. My back, knees, and finger tips are screaming at me right now for putting them through a week of torture. Now that the floor is complete, I feel like the rest of this remodel will go pretty quickly.

isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful…

so happy to have the floor complete. now to wash the grout residue off a gazillion times


Stay tuned for Week 4 as there is much on the to-do list, including:

  1. Prime the walls
  2. Install baseboard
  3. Decide on and install wall treatment
  4. Reinstall the toilet-this should be #1
  5. Remove the ginormous mirror
  6. Get the 300lb vanity upstairs-I may be exaggerating but that thing is seriously heavy
  7. Move electrical to accommodate new lighting

See you next week for Week 4 of the ORC. As always be sure to follow along on Instagram @farmhousechic4sure for more photos and behind the scenes. You’ll also want to check out all of the Featured Designers and the many other Guest Participants of the ORC.


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