One Room Challenge Week 5 ⎜ All The Details

Hello and welcome back for Week 5 of the One Room Challenge! If you’re not familiar with the ORC, I’ll quickly fill you in. Each year bloggers and (new this year) Instagrammers participate in the 6 week challenge known as the One Room Challenge, with the goal of completing a room transformation from start to finish. The ORC occurs biannually in the Spring and Fall. This is my first year as a guest participant and I am so excited you are following along on this journey. If you’ve missed any of the past weeks you can check out my progress here, here, here, and here. I’m so excited to be completing Week 5 and hope you’ll come back for the final reveal in Week 6!

This week has been dedicated to all the details! Wall treatments continue to be worked on. You can see from my photos I’ve got shiplap! I talk a little about  it in week 4, here. And also have a detailed blog post on the faux shiplap process, here. But.. I do have plans for the upper half of the wall. This is if time permits, since we are getting down to the wire here. I think it’s going to be great, if I can squeeze in the time. Hint, you can find this feature in multiple areas of our home. Dressing up the walls is such an easy way to add character to any home without making things look cluttered. Several other things happened in week 5 that I’m excited about!

Of course the painting continued and there’s still a bit more to be done. Thankfully I have HANDy Paint products to make it a little easier, I’m really loving the magnetic feature for your paint brush. Maybe mine won’t look so messy anymore. Having proper painting accessories is key. Painting can be a very tedious task, requiring patience. Anything to help the process along is a bonus.

Aside from painting, getting the vanity up to this second floor bathroom was important. And what a challenge it was. This vanity is a beast and must weigh no less than 300lbs! I was starting to think we weren’t going to get it upstairs, or would have to hire movers.  You know my anxiety was super high at this point but then my handy hubby decided to partially disassemble the beast and we managed to get it upstairs in sections. While taking apart this piece, I realized it was not in fact vintage and to be honest I was slightly disappointed. I was really looking for a vintage pieces for this bathroom. The entire design was centered around transforming a vintage piece of furniture for the vanity. But once we got it upstairs and began to visualize the space, I knew it would work. We did have to raise it up a couple inches to bring it closer to a standard counter height. We did so by creating a frame for it to sit on top of. I then wrapped the feet to cover the frame. Currently I’m playing around with mixing stains to match the original color of the vanity and will be staining the trim I’ve added.

You can’t have a vanity without sinks, can you? This was a pretty tough decision for me. I must have changed my mind one hundred times about the the sinks. In the beginning planning stages, I was certain I wanted hammered nickel sinks to go along with the vintage vibe. We often visit Block Island and I’ve always been inspired by the victorian/vintage styles in many of the Island’s hotels. But, my husband brought up a good point. And that was that much of our home is modern farmhouse. So after much debate we went with double white vessel sinks. Thank you for partnering with me on this bathroom remodel and providing the gorgeous Kohler Vox Vessel sinks. You can find the sinks  here, and I will discuss them more in detail in my Week 6 post.

With the sinks chosen, it was time to cut out the sink opening in the vanity top. I called my dad in for this one! Me, I was way to chicken to cut into that gorgeous top. The sinks came with a template for making the cut out. We followed that, with a few adjustments to the under cabinet and the sinks fit beautifully. Thanks dad for saving me from a panic attach!

Much of the difficult tasks of this remodel have been completed. We did have to bring in an electrician to move some electrical to accommodate  our new lighting. Minor electrical work would normally be completed by my husband and/or dad but we were running short on time and it was a bit more complicated than anticipated. But, I look at it as one less thing that we had to worry about. And with the electrical out of the way we can focus our time on the finishing details.

Week 6 to-do list:

  1. Finish wall treatments (yes, I’m still working on this)
  2. Finish paint
  3. Install new lighting fixtures
  4. Install faucets
  5. Decorate!!! my fave part

Thank you for stopping by and following along with my journey through the ORC! I really hope to see you in Week 6 for the final reveal! You can follow along on Instagram @farmhousechic4sure for more photos and behind the scenes.  And also check out all of the Featured Designers and the many other Guest Participants of the One Room Challenge.


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