Halloween Treats and Traditions

Halloween has been a longtime favorite of mine, starting from when I was a little girl. I remember always dreaming up my costumes and wondering what type of candy the neighbors would give out. What would I wear, what friends would I go trick or treating with, what costumes would they choose, what special treats would be shared at school snack time, so many exciting things this time of year? The excitement in the days and even weeks leading up to Halloween is one of my favorite memories.

Now that I have my own children, its my mama mission to create these same memories and feelings for my two girls. That starts with the many Halloween traditions we have. From haunted hay rides to homemade sweet treats and everything in between, the fun is endless this time of year.

With so many fun activities to tackle this season, its hard to choose a favorite but, I always find myself loving the memories created in the kitchen the most. Its those real moments created with the ones most dear to me in the comfort of our own home that seem to be the most memorable. The time together, the laughs, turning the music up. And sometimes even sneaking in a dance party in the middle of the kitchen–these are the best times! For this reason the kitchen is one of the most fun spots to decorate for the seasons. And the kids love joining in on sprucing up the space.

Whats a kitchen without some homemade treats? Do your have any special Halloween treats? We have many but I’ll be sharing one of our favorites and hope you’ll enjoy it in your own special way.

Treats like these wouldn’t be possible without our Samsung Home 4 Door French Door Fridge. Let me tell you, this fridge, its an appliance I would not be mad receiving as a Christmas gift. The FlexZone Drawer (the one I get asked all the time about what I keep in it) has been a life saver. We’ve designated it the “kid’s drawer” in our home and its perfect for all the grab and go snacks. It holds all the things for those tiny growing hands. Mini water bottles, yogurts, cheese sticks, fruit and veggie snack packs; there’s room for it all! Let me show you!!

Its pretty amazing, right?! One tip I suggest is using clear storage containers to organize all the things. It will make it so much easier for your kiddos to see and pick what they want. This draw has played a huge part in helping our kids feel more independent. Since I stock the drawer, I know its filled with treats I’m ok with them having and they get to feel some independence in being able to easily choose which snack they want.

Now, lets get to the really fun Halloween treat. My girls were so excited when they came home from school to this snack. They snatched it up right out of the oven and left me approximately 10 seconds to snap some photos. It’s super quick and easily and I promise your kids will love it!

Spooky Spider Mini Pizzas

Ingredients 12 mini bagel haves or flatbreads cut into circles
Olive oil
Garlic salt to taste
Pizza sauce
Cheese of choice (we used half cheddar and half mozzarella)

Start by lining a cookie sheet with parchment paper (anything to aid in an easier cleanup). Place your mini bagel haves or flatbreads on the covered sheet. I used flatbreads for a thinner crust. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt to taste. This is totally optional but adds a nice flavor. Place in oven on broil until they begin to crisp (about 1-2 min). Remove from oven and spread pizza sauce as desired. Sprinkle with cheese. Now the fun part! To create the spiders, cut 6 olives lengthwise (this will be the body). Cut 6 more olives in half for the spider’s head. For the legs cut small strips of the olives and place on either side of the body. Place back in oven on broil until cheese melts, about 2-3 min. Remove, let cool, and enjoy!

Some of your spider’s legs may fall over but your kids wont mind. These spider pizzas are super quick and easy and most important, they are yummy. I hope you’ll try then and create some fun memories with your kiddos this Halloween season.

Tell me about some of your Fall and Halloween traditions and favorite recipes in the comments.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Kari
    November 4, 2019 / 7:57 pm

    Hi. What kind of kitchen soap do you use. ( the one that’s to the right of the sink)

    • November 7, 2019 / 7:47 am

      Its Home Apothecary. I usually find it at Home Goods or TJMaxx

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