Spring Cleaning Must Haves

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With warmer weather upon us its time to open those windows, let the fresh air in, and tackle all of that Spring cleaning. I’ve rounded up some of my current favorite cleaning products and gadgets. I don’t know about you but there’s something about Spring that makes me want to have everything fresh and tidy.

Most of my time is spent in the kitchen. After all this is where the food is which makes it the main gathering area in our home. With so much traffic the kitchen could use some serious attention. Lets talk about all things from getting spotless dishes to sucking up the dust bunnies in the corner.

Lemi Shine Auto Dish Detergent

The sink is constantly loaded with dishes and I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I’ve spent totally washing every glass, plate, and fork before loading them in the dishwasher. Well I’m taking that time back now, thanks to Lemi Shine Auto Dish Detergent. The citric extracts in Lemi Shine give you spotless dishes while cutting through the grass and left behind food without all the toxic chemicals. And Lemi Shine is available in super convenient pods that makes using this dishwashing detergent a breeze.

Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster

No-one wants a glass full of those pesky little spots left behind from hard water. Lemi Shine offers a dish detergent booster that works like a boss to remove film and hard water spots. I seriously wish I had known about this product years ago. Theres nothing worse than running a dishwasher cycle only to be left with dishes and glassware that look less than clean. Plus Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster is also toxic-free and safe for your septic system!

Eureka Flash Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

We’ve got tons of hard to reach spaces, not only in the kitchen but throughout our home. You know all of those tight corners and under the furniture spaces. Thats why I love the Eureka Flash Corded Stick Vacuum. With swivel steering its so easy to reach all of those tough places and the LED lights come in handy when cleaning under furniture. It also has a handheld feature which makes the Flash Vacuum great for cleaning the stairs, baseboards, and even the crevices in the couch. Plus Eureka is offering 15% off the Flash with code 15OFFNES510B. Offer is valid through May 17th for the first 100 customers, limit to 1 per person.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Anyone with kids can relate to my love for this next product. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is literally just that, magic! This is one of my all time fave cleaning items. My girls have a small obsession with making slime, colored slime at that. When they dyed their slime on my countertops the Magic Eraser saved their bottoms. JK. But it was this amazing household must have that was able to scrub the dye off of my white countertops. Scuff marks on the stair risers, Mr. Clean can get it off. Marker, crayon, and anything else your kids may put on your walls I promise you the Magic Eraser is likely to get it out. I could go on and on but I have one more item that I’m really excited to share with you.

Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE Clean Home

I saved this powerful can of Liquid Gold for last. I truly love the name of this product. Liquid Gold, it’s seriously the best cleaner ever. Scott’s ONE Clean Home is a multi-surface foaming cleaner. I’ve cleaned many household surfaces from the wood countertops to the cabinets, stove, and sinks. I love that it’s basically a one size fits all. It cleans with natural, non-toxic, citric acid which means there’s no harsh chemicals. And no worrying about ten different cleaners for the multiple surfaces in your home.

What I love most about all of these products is that they have powerful cleaning action without all of the nasty chemicals. Their non toxic formulas make them safe for you, your home, and the environment. I hope you enjoyed this roundup and that its helpful in some way. If you try any of these products I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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