Creating a Modern Farmhouse Living Room

What I love most about the Farmhouse style is that there are many variations of it. I find my style is constantly evolving. I love playing around with the decor in our home and tweaking things here and there. Whether its big changes or small changes like swapping out the throw pillows it’s easy to incorporate these adjustments into the farmhouse category.

Like that of my personal taste the Farmhouse style is every changing. If you enjoy boho, modern, rustic, vintage, or a combination of these styles you can easily incorporate them with the farmhouse style. Over the years my style and design taste has evolved into a more modern farmhouse vibe.

We have been slowly incorporating modern farmhouse elements into our home. The most recent room to receive a touch of this style is our living room. Today I’m sharing all about our more modern farmhouse style living room. There are still some changes I’d live to make but for now adding a sofa with clean lines and a few other simple changes has satisfied my need for a more modern feel.

The main focus and center of this more modern style is our new Kardiel sofa. Kardiel has a ton of modern style furnishings to choose from making it easy to transform any space. We chose the Domus Sofa in Twilight. Its a beautiful deep gray color which coincidentally paired perfectly with the rug we currently have in this space. The pet (and kid) friendly, stain resistant fabric was a huge attraction. Plus its super soft and durable.

Clean, organized, and decluttered spaces are a must when it comes to the modern farmhouse style. In helping to achieve this look in our living room I decluttered the coffee table. You can see I included a few photos of prior to removing all the things from the table. The more minimal decor aesthetic is in line with a modern look.

A neutral color palette is a must for any farmhouse style. I kept the color scheme cool by utilizing grays and whites for a modern farmhouse look. This provides for a fresh and open appearance. In preventing the space from appearing too sterile I added a variety of textures with accent pillows and a throw blanket. The area rug anchors the room and gives it a more cozy feel.

The farmhouse style is relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming. I think that’s why its become so popular in the recent years and is here to stay.

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