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Being a pet owner can be just as involved as parenting our human babies. One of the most overwhelming tasks, for me, has always been dog food selection. Our fur babies are loved just like they were children so feeding them a food with healthy and natural ingredients is a must!

I was so excited to when I was introduced to Naked Dog Food from North Coast Seafood. What? The makers of my favorite shrimp (Naked Shrimp) also make dog food!! I think my furry friends were even more excited! Having three dogs, all of different breeds can also pose a challenge when it comes to feeding. Naked Dog Food’s bite sized pieces cater to all breeds and life stages. But, that’s not even the best part!

Seafood Based Recipe

North Coast is the only pet food supplier specializing exclusively in fish-based dog food, making them the experts. For over 50 years North Coast has been providing high-quality seafood. Naked Dog Food recipes use fish caught by local fisherman and sourced directly from MSC Certified Fisheries. What does that mean? The MSC or Marine Stewardship Council is the world’s ‘s leading certification program for environmental sustainability of wild caught seafood. That means anytime you see the MSC logo it ensures the seafood products used come from well-managed, sustainable fisheries.

No Chicken, No Wheat, Corn, or Soy

Chicken, wheat, corn and soy. Theses controversial ingredients are non existent in Naked Dog Food. The number 1 ingredient is always fish, using real fish not fishmeal. Since dogs are loved just like family they deserve to eat foods rich in wholesome nutrition too. Choose from Salmon, Cod, or Haddock based recipes. All recipes are made with sweet potato. We love them all but Salmon is our pups fave. You can find a full list of ingredients here.

Purchase where you already shop

For those of you local to a Big Y retailer you can purchase Naked Dog Food right where you are already shopping. I’m a one stop shop kind of girl so I was super excited that my local Big Y carries Naked Dog Food. Its available in 4 or 11lb bags so whether you have a pint sized shitzu or a 100lb beast of a German Shepherd there’s a bag size option for you. No worries if your not local to Big Y, you can purchase online here.

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