Pets Should Eat Healthy Too

This post is sponsored by Naked Dog Food. All thoughts and opinions of that of my own.

I’m going to be honest here. When we first became pet owners, I never really gave our choice of dog food much thought. We always just purchased whatever food the breeder suggested. Dogs can have finicky digestive systems and it was so much easier just to continue feeding them what they were accustomed to.

As our fur family became larger and our hearts grew for our four legged children it made sense to pay more attention to what they were consuming. We wanted a food with natural and healthy ingredients. We were recently introduced to Naked Dog Food and are so happy. I’m going to share with you why our dogs love this food.

About Naked Dog Food

Naked Dog Food is supplied by North Coast Seafoods. You may be familiar with this company as they are also the supplier of Naked Shrimp. Um.. hello, this is only my all time favorite cooked and raw shrimp brand. Its great on its own or sautéed in butter and garlic over linguine for a quick and easy summer meal. Ok but back to my point. North Coast Seafoods has been providing high quality seafood for over 50 years. Thats half a century! I’d say they are seafood experts!!

Why Naked Dog Food

Naked Dog contained the purest ingredients and 100% real salmon, haddock, or cod. This seafood based dog food has NO fishmeal! Its all certified-sustainable fish, straight from the boat to your dogs bowl. Each recipe offers pure ingredients with no chicken or other by-products and no wheat, corn, or soy. A specific list of ingredients can be found here.

Purchasing Naked Dog Food

Of Course my favorite seafood supplier would be available at my most frequented grocery store. Big Y! I love the convince of being able to get a healthy and nutritious dog food from where I already shop. Naked Dog Food is available in Wild Cod, Wild Salman, and Wild Haddock recipes. Bags can be found in 4 lbs or 11 lbs sizes. Don’t have a Big Y local to you. You can purchase right from the North Coast Seafoods website, here.

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