Creating A Garage Mudroom

The garage is too often an under utilized space with tons of wasted storage room. In our home the garage is the main way we enter our house. Even when guests come over they usually enter through the garage. Thats why I decided it was time to put that space to a more functional use. You may want to cover your eyes for the before photo.

Creating a functional mudroom in our garage made the most sense. We have a mudroom/laundry room combo inside (seen here) however I tend to prefer that space to be tidy and uncluttered. Don’t get more wrong we utilize our mudroom inside but I’m constantly decluttering and organizing it.

The garage has long been our dumping area. Dump the old shoes and coats, dump the unused furniture, store the tools, store the wood, and even the overflow of paper goods end up in the garage. We definitely needed to start by declutting, throwing away unused items and organizing.

Once we made our way through all the things, lots of things, I was on the hunt for some sort of storage unit. I knew I didn’t want your ordinary wire garage selves so I looked for something both easy on the eye and functional.

I found a really great hall tree that would fit perfectly on a blank wall we had after organizing the garage. It’s a piece that would normally be used inside your home. Sometimes it helps to think outside of the box and use pieces for other than what they were originally intended. That creativity really paid off. Now we have a beautify mudroom area in our garage.

This works as our new holding area for all the kids sports equipment, dogs collars and leashes, beach accessories, shoes and we even store our extra paper towels and toilet paper here.

This unexpected mudroom is right next to our garage door making it an eye catching space when we and guests enter our home. I even added an additional decorative area with shiplap and hooks on the opposite side. Adding a dry erase calendar makes it easy to keep track of all of the kids activities.

This was a super simple transformation that I was able to complete in 1 weekend. Now we have a beautiful, welcoming, and FUNCTIONAL area in our garage. Its so fun finding ways to utilize unused space.

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