Getting Crafty with Krazy Glue

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I can remember the distinct smell of Krazy Glue from my childhood. It was always my go to anytime I broke something I would have gotten in trouble for. I recall constantly searching through the junk drawer for the Krazy Glue in hopes of fixing nicknacks and creating crafts. Krazy Glue was a household staple then and remains the same now.

There are endless uses for crazy glue but I am going to share a few crafty ways I was able to use it around our house. From gluing wood to mending broken things, its my go to anytime I need a super strong bond.

Bond Wood in Minutes, No Nails Needed

I was in need of some new artwork for my entryway but didn’t love the price on the pieces I liked. With trying to stick to a budget I decided to create something myself. This DIY gradient artwork was super easy to make but I needed a frame for it and didn’t want to hassle with with the nail gun. Krazy Glue was the answer to this problem. They have fast dry wood glue that bonds wood in minutes. It’s incredible and helped me to easily create the frame for this artwork without having to rummage through my garage for tools.

Fix Broken Items, No Hassle

Krazy Glue came to the rescue when my tiered marble tray broke. Boo. I was so upset when this broke. I love having the soap decoratively displayed by the sink and I tend to set items on trays or risers for height. The marble on this tray weights a couples pounds at least so I wasn’t sure how I would fix it securely. Krazy Glue not only bonds quickly but can hold a great deal of weight so it was the perfect product to fix my broken tray. Now I can nicely display my soap and candle.

I’m sure we’ve all order something to find it broken upon arrival. I recently order a set of makeup brushes but one arrived broken. Its always so disappointing when this happens; do you go through the hassle of returning it or just live with it? Or you can fix it with Krazy Glue. I was able to repair the brush and now it is stronger than the rest.

Stripped Screws, Secure Them with Krazy Glue

I found this Grandfather clock on Marketplace for a really great deal. It was in pretty good shape except that it was missing one of the knobs. We got it up and running and I gave it a little makeover with some chalk paint. I was able to find replacement brass knobs but it turned out the screw holes were actually stripped out. This was easily fixed with Krazy Glue Gel. The no drip formula was perfect for this little repair and now the knobs are secure.

Its no wonder Krazy Glue has been a trusted brand for over 45 years. With its all purpose use, ability to bond to many surfaces and create strong holds in just minutes its a must to have around the house. Before your toss that broken item into the trash or stress our over your crafts pick up some Krazy Glue.

I’d love to hear how you’ve used Krazy Glue around your home or in crafts. Leave a comment below to share.

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