Celebrating The Human-Canine Bond

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Jax, Nash, and Bentley are three of my best friends. They are my adorable and loyal fur babies and I couldn’t imagine life without them and our bond. Our pups are a part of our family as much as our children are. And they are spoiled just as are the kids. From frequent walks, and car rides to vacations; they are included in our family activities as much as possible. Meet my pups at the end of this post.

The Pack

Imagine being able to travel the world with your dog! Thats what The Pack, an all new Amazon Prime Video series is all about. Premiering Friday, November 20th, The Pack celebrates the bond between dogs and their human companions. Twelve teams of human and canine duos will participate in exciting challenges across multiple continents. The Pack is hosted by Olympic gold medalist skier, Lindsey Vonn and her canine partner, Lucy.

A Life Changing Prize

Making The Pack even more exciting, at stake is $750,000 in monetary prizes! $500,000 of which will be awarded to the winning duo and an additional $250,000 for their choice of animal charity. These prizes will have a life changing impact on the lucky teams lives.

One of a Kind Bond

The human-canine bond is incredible. Dogs are our loyal counterparts. How well do you think you and your dog know each others strengths and weaknesses? How strong is your understanding of each other? Which team from The Pack will have the strongest bond?! My three canine companions and I are excited to tune in this Friday, November 20th for all the excitement. Get the popcorn and frosty paws ready!

Packed Weekend

We’re also looking forward to The Packed Weekend. Its a 3 day event featuring deals, discounts and experiences for you and your dog to enjoy. From the Pack Walk Challenge and chances to win prizes there’s so much excitement going on. Check out all of the details here.

Meet My Pups


Bentley is our first pup, a Czechoslovakian Shepard. Her looks can be intimidating but she is such a sweetheart. Bentley is 9 years old and has seen our human babies grow. She has a ton of energy and loves to play and run outside.


Nash, short for National is named after one of our favorite vacation spots in Block Island, the National Hotel. This cutie is a Cavalier King Charles. He’s a lazy little thing, loves to eat and sleep but he has so much love and affection to give.


Jax is our littlest fur baby. He’s a Shitzu and all of 7lbs. This little guy needs all of the loving, craves human contact and is a true lapdog. He may have a little case of separation anxiety but he is so loved.

We hope you tune in to The Pack this Friday on Amazon Prime Video for all of the fun and excitement.

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