Creating a Cozy Outdoor Gathering Space

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. All thoughts an opinions are that of my own.

The holidays are going to look a little different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t safely gather with loved ones. I partnered with Bed Bath and Beyond to find all the things needed to create a cozy outdoor gathering space for the upcoming Holidays.

All Things Cozy

When I think cozy, it’s blankets, pillows and all things warm. So, that’s exactly what I started with when putting this space together. Give me all the cozy blankets. I’m a blanket hog, so I was super excited to find an extra warm plaid throw blanket. Pillows are always a must in creating an inviting space and Bed Bath & Beyond has endless options for decorative pillows. My favorite one I found this season is the super festive falala pillow in a gorgeous shade of green.

Adding Texture

Texture is also really important in creating a warm and cozy space. Cable knit is my go-to for easily adding texture. Bed Bath & Beyond has tons of options when it comes to cable knit pillows. I found two really great ones from the brand Bee & Willow. I added a grey cable knit and also a white options to this space to step up the texture. When I’m shopping I tend to grab a little something for myself, we deserve to be spoiled too right?! In this case it was a pair of incredibly warm cable knit socks.

Something Warm to Drink

Once you have all the warm and fuzzy things its time to add in items to make your space feel inviting. Let’s start with coffee and hot cocoa. Whatever your preference is, a warm beverage is always inviting. Bed Bath & Beyond has all the essentials for brewing a perfect cup of coffee or mixing up some hot cocoa. I found a really great French Press and some super cute plaid monogram mugs when shopping for this gathering space. Of course you’ll need a tray or cart to store your beverage and snack items on. Bed Bath & Beyond had the perfect Modern Farmhouse bar cart.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are a great way to make a space feel inviting and lived in. I kept it simple in this outdoor wonderland. I added a couple mini trees. They’re adorable with sparkles and a burlap base. The twinkle of candles and lights instantly makes a space feel magical and warm. You can find those at Bed Bath & Beyond too. Their Bee & Willow Evergreen and Pine candle screams the Holidays. LED curtain lights take the twinkle to the next level.

Bed Bath & Beyond can help you enjoy the present this season with their new Cozy Backyard Holiday Collection. I hope you find inspiration in this post to create your own winter wonderland at home. Shop the new collection here.

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