Quick and Easy Vase Revamp With Krazy Glue

Were you a Krazy Glue kid? If you grow up in the 80’s and 90’s, I’m almost certain you’ve had your fingers accidentally stuck together with Krazy Glue. Now I do not condone this and when using Krazy Glue please use caution and follow all directions precisely. Krazy Glue was a household staple when I was a kid, using it to mend broken items or for craft projects. We always had a supply on hand. I’m so happy this product is still around and used often in our home.


I wanted to update some of my decor for summer but didn’t want to spend a ton of money. So, I headed to my decor closest and found an old cylinder glass vase, grabbed some rope I had on hand and a tube of Krazy Glue Maximum Bond Gel. I had seen an inspiration piece and knew I could recreate the look with these few items. The piece was a rope lamp with a coastal vibe. Perfect for summer!

I started by cutting rope strips to adhere vertically to the vase. I cut them to length based on the height of my vase. For the vertical pieces I used 1/2 inch thick rope. Once I felt I had enough strips to go all the way around the vase I began glueing them on with the Krazy Glue Maximum Bond Gel. This no-run gel makes it super easy to glue on vertical surfaces. This was way easier than I had expected and there was no dripping which means no messy glue to clean up.


Once all of the vertical strips were glued on I started on the top and bottom of the vase. Using 1/4 inch thick rope, I wrapped the bottom several times, horizontally. I used the same Maximum Bond Gel to adhere the rope around the vase. I repeated this step on the top of the vase, see picture. And that’s it. In under 30 minutes and just for a few dollars I was able to duplicate a rather expensive look.



Next time you have an item that needs repair or any type of glueing project, turn to Krazy Glue. Its been a life saver in our house more than once and comes in handy for many DIY projects.

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